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It’s all about the reader’s experience.

  • J.C. Newcomb uses what we all see and know about the world around us, and injects the element of possibility, leaving the readers shocked and always wanting more.

  • His first two novels, one stand-alone and one series starter, are complete. He’s currently working on book two in an FBI series with an unusual twist that thriller fans will never suspect and definitely love.


Young Adult and Middle Grade Books

Bursting with creativity, J.C. Newcomb writes with nutty humor, a wild imagination and immense purpose. His style is unique and you can tell he loves to write. Prepare to be hooked.

  • J.C. Newcomb is currently working on a YA and MG series. That’s two, which is twice as good as one.

  • Book three of an amazing YA medieval western fairytale series is up to bat. This is a series that will be an automatic classic. Heartwarming, a joy to read, adventure, duels, death, deception, and love, all wrapped up in a nice little bow of treachery and good clean destructive fun. 

  • One book is inked and ready to go in J.C. Newcomb’s MG adventure series. The second book is outlined and itching to get told. There have been several readers in the 8-12 age range and each one has given their stamp of approval. The stories are fun, thoughtful, imaginative, and downright awesome. This is definitely one you can’t miss.

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Picture Books

J.C. Newcomb creates unique and playful picture books for children of all ages.

  • There are currently 34 books written.

  • These books are generally written with toddlers through elementary aged school children in mind. However, several are inspirational in tone and suitable for high school and college graduation.

  • Most of the picture books are written in beautiful and clear rhyme that works well and rolls off the tongue.

  • Parents and educators agree that picture books are fun and entertaining. J.C. Newcomb’s style is a hoot. Publishers get a little jumpy, because there are so many rhymes that need a good polishing, but J.C. Newcomb’s are well-written, timeless and on the mark.



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